Perth County residents urged to be vigilant as students head back to school

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With kids back to school amidst the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Perth County put out a release on September 14th regarding the potential anxiety of kids going back to school.

Perth County Warden Jim Aitcheson says the release was meant to be a reminder to stay vigilant and follow guidelines.

“We issued the release from the county just hoping to remind everybody to be calm, and we just wanted people to realize it is challenging, but some people are quite anxious about it and other people aren’t.”

Aitcheson says everyone needs to play a part in limiting the spread of COVID-19, and if an outbreak occurs in a school, the county and lower tiers will work with local health experts and the school boards to do whatever is necessary to help.

“Fingers crossed everything is going to go well, and with less cases in the rural areas maybe there’s risk at this point in time, but that could change in a heartbeat with travel right?”

Aitcheson adds “There is no doubt the challenges brought by this new school year are a source of anxiety for many in Perth County. We all have a role to play this fall. Our communities need to continue to support one another as students, their families, teachers and support staff return to the classroom. A tremendous amount of effort is being put forward by the school boards, administration, teachers and support staff to prepare to welcome everyone back safely.”

In the release, the county mentioned some guidelines to follow from Huron Perth Public Health, including:

1.     Staying at home if you feel unwell
2.     Practicing physical distancing (remaining 2 meters apart)
3.     Wearing a mask when indoors and/or when physical distancing is not possible
4.     Practicing good hand hygiene (regular thorough hand washing and use of hand sanitizer)

“I want to thank all communities across Perth County for their diligent efforts to keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay,” Aitcheson says. “We need to continue to observe the recommendations from Huron Perth Public Health and remain vigilant. It is through these collective efforts we have been able to flatten the curve in our region.”

Aitcheson says he is very confident in the communities around Perth County in making the return to school a success.

“The return to school in Perth County looks different this year, but I am confident in the strength and perseverance of our communities to support one another and show patience and kindness as we continue our efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19.”

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