Huron warden warning cottagers over self-isolating at the cottage

Huron County Warden Jim Ginn 2019-20 (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron County’s warden is asking cottage owners to be aware of the consequences of their decision before leaving their homes to self-isolate in their cottages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jim Ginn said the cottage season doesn’t usually start until the May 24 weekend and small, rural communities may not have the capacity to deal with a large population increase at this time. The county sent out a news release on Wednesday outlining some of their concerns. But Ginn said his biggest concern is that the cottagers that do come to Huron County follow the health unit’s protocol.

“My concern is that everyone follows the health unit’s protocol, particularly personal distancing. That concerns me more than the number of people that there are. We have campground and cottage people in our area all summer long.”

Ginn said cottage and campground people are in the area all summer and they’re valued members of the local communities, so he doesn’t anticipate any huge problems if some of them come early. But he does want them to be informed about what they’re considering before they make their decision.

He added that the normal protocol for someone who is not feeling well is they call their doctor and their doctor decides whether they need to go to the hospital or not.

“So then they contact the hospital and tell them to expect you. My thinking is, if someone isn’t feeling well and they’re an hour away from home, they would probably go home and prefer to get treatment by their own doctor and their own hospital.”

The Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association has provided a list of things that cottagers should consider before making the decision to self-isolate at their cottage

Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association suggests the following:

-Provision yourself for several weeks before leaving your urban community, so that you will not need to make stops along the way. Should you urgently need anything from a retailer or pharmacy, you should call ahead to see if there are options for safe pickup or delivery;

-Continue to follow all the principles of physical distancing;

-Develop an exit plan with immediate family, in case you develop any indications of illness while at your seasonal property;

-Consider where your health needs can best be met, in an emergency situation.