Local distillery helping to make hand sanitizer

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Elenathewise

A Stratford business is doing their part to fight COVID-19 by turning to a new line of work.

Junction 56, a distillery, is now making hand sanitizer.

“We realized there was a shortage of hand sanitizer, and we made 100 little bottles to give to our customers so they would have something. When we did it, our phone started ringing off the hook, and we were shocked and overwhelmed by the need”, said owner Mike Heisz.

He says the World Health Organization (WHO) has a recipe online for DIY sanitizer.

“We did have to find a few things to get to that, but essentially the main active ingredient in it is high percentage alcohol, which is something we make all the time in here.”

Heisz adds they are practicing social distancing as a business, offering curbside delivery for those looking to purchase supplies from them, and taking products out to customer’s vehicles to limit face-to-face transactions.