Huron County hopes to hold electronic council meetings

Jim Ginn, Huron County Warden (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron County’s warden sat in on a conference call with Deputy Premier Christine Elliot, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark and Ontario Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams on Tuesday.

Warden Jim Ginn said one of the major concerns of municipalities is their ability to hold electronic council meetings.

“Currently you need a quorum to be present in person, which kind of defeats the whole self-isolation bit, so they’re gonna introduce legislation and then we’ll have to change our procedural bylaw to allow for it, but at least there is a way forward,” said Ginn.

And he is hoping the government will pass the legislation right away.

“They’re hoping the legislation does pass right away and then we’ll have to have a meeting, whether we call a special meeting in order to change our procedural bylaw, but that was a big concern to a lot of municipal councils,” added Ginn.

Ginn said there was another concern shared by Dr. Williams.

“His concern was, being most positives are still travel-related, they’re expecting, like, 200,000 snowbirds to start coming home in the next weeks or months and that gonna pose a challenge for them just with the sheer volume of people,” said Ginn.