Police Briefs – Saturday, January 28, 2017

A handful of young men got quite the surprise when they became part of an investigation.

Chatham-Kent police say they received a call about two men walking around a Chatham residence with a “long gun” on Friday.

Police officers were shortly at the residence, creating a perimeter around the area.

Once inside police found five young men, but the alleged weapon turned out to be a replica BB-gun.

No charges were laid.

Chatham-Kent police are reminding people that if you wish to report a crime or make a complaint you should let them know who you are.

A man called 911 Friday morning saying he had been robbed.

He provided police with the identity of the alleged robber, but didn’t give his own name or remain at the scene.

Police are currently investigating.

Over a dozen 911 calls were made to Chatham-Kent police dispatch in the past 24 hours — all of which resulted in hang-ups.

Police are reminding residents that if you accidentally call 911 stay on the line to make sure dispatch knows it was a mistake.