Police Briefs – Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chatham-Kent police were able to tick three more names off their wanted list Friday.

The three men, all from Chatham, were wanted for failing to attend separate court appearances dating back to June 18.

The three suspects were arrested throughout the day on Friday. Two were taken into custody in Chatham, while a 55-year-old man was located in London.

They’re being held in custody for a bail hearing.


A 34-year-old Chatham woman faces charges after a shoplifting incident at the Superstore in Chatham.

Police attended the St. Clair Rd. business Friday, where staff say a woman exited the store with over $500 worth of unpaid items.

The 34-year-old woman was later arrested in connection with the incident and was held for a bail hearing.


A domestic dispute has landed a 20-year-old Chatham man in jail.

Police say they responded to the incident around 10:45pm Friday, and learned a man had assaulted a woman during an argument at a Chatham function.

The suspect has been released with a future court date.


Another domestic dispute has resulted in another man and woman being arrested.

Police attended a Highgate residence, learning a man and woman had allegedly assaulted each other.

Now a 28-year-old Blenheim woman and 24-year-old Highgate man are charged with one count of assault each.

They’ve been released from custody with court conditions.