UPDATE: Safety improvements may be coming for Erieau Beach

A buoy is missing from its stand at Erieau Beach where a man was pulled from the waters on August 24, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

UPDATE: On Monday, Chatham-Kent council approved Councillor Trevor Thompson’s motion asking staff to explore all possible options for making Erieau Beach safe for swimmers.¬†

Municipal staff will return back to council with an information report at a future date. 

A Chatham-Kent Councillor wants to make with Erieau Beach safer.

Ward 2 Councillor Trevor Thompson is asking Council to allow administration to look into options to make the beach safer for everyone utilizing the beach and water area.

Thompson said installing buoys and other safety devices might improve safety at the beach and will be making a motion at the Council meeting Monday evening.

He said there has been known problems with water vessels, specifically boats and sea-dos in Lake Erie that are entering areas near Erieau Beach where people are swimming.

Thompson pointed out in his notice of motion on November 21, 2022 that there have been many close calls with collisions between the water vessels and swimmers and the community is very concerned for the safety of the swimmers in this area.

If approved, staff is being asked to provide an information report back to council.

Erieau Beach is home to 363 residents, but locals and tourists come to enjoy the beach and views from the iconic lighthouse pier and visit local shops and restaurants along the main strip.