Council to discuss proposed developments across Chatham-Kent

© Can Stock Photo / mflippo

Council is set to weigh in on a number of proposals for new developments across Chatham-Kent.

That includes one of the biggest planned housing developments in Wallaceburg in recent years.

At Monday night’s meeting, Council members will look to approve the draft plan for a new subdivision as well as the rezoning of the former W.T Laing Public School in order for construction to begin on 32 units of semi-detached housing and 24 units of row house townhomes.

The subject lands are located in the block of Elgin Street, Lisgar Street, Elizabeth Street, and Lorne Avenue.

If approved, some significant infrastructure improvements will have to be made to the area. Watermains and sewers would be replaced across the Elizabeth Street and Lisgar Street frontage, as well as on Elgin Street.

Sidewalks in the proposed area would also be reconstructed to meet modern development standards.

The costs would be split between the developer, the municipality, and Chatham-Kent PUC.

On Monday, council will also look to rezone and sever land to allow for four parcels of land for housing on a property located on the corner of Nelson Street and Elgin Street in Wallaceburg.

The property contained a multi-housing unit that was one of Wallaceburg’s most prominent and historic homes. The house burned down earlier this year and was later demolished.

In Chatham, council will consider rezoning land to allow for a row house dwelling on a property located on the south side of Park Avenue East, between Stirling Land and Park Lane.

According to the report, the proposal is to build an addition to an already existing single detached dwelling, bringing the number of residential units from seven to eight.

Council will also look to implement land use policy changes to allow for the construction of row house dwellings on a portion of land located directly north of William K. Erickson Arena.

The property is located at the northerly end of Delaware Avenue, the westerly end of Idlewild Drive, and south of Gregory Drive East in Chatham.