Dad delivers baby at the side of the road in Thamesville

Photo supplied by the Bonner family.

It’s a childbirth the Bonners from Thamesville will never forget.

Dan Bonner said he had to quickly jump into action on Friday when his wife Claire gave birth to their fourth child on the side of the road just outside Louisville. Bonner said he was driving his wife to the hospital in Chatham when little Baby Bonner, who doesn’t have name yet, decided to enter the world.

Mr. Bonner said delivering a baby was not as difficult as he anticipated and he will never forget the moment or the odd curve where his little girl was born.

“I keep flashing back, no I didn’t dream that. I delivered the child on the side of the road. It was standing there beside a cornfield outside of Louisville just looking around dazed in shock…is this really happening, did this happen?” said Bonner.

Bonner said he was frightened at first because he was not prepared or trained to deliver babies, but rose to the occasion anyway.

“My wife’s water broke and it was go time. The baby was delivered on Claire’s chest quite a bit before the paramedics got there,” Bonner said.

Bonner said it seemed like an eternity waiting for the paramedics to show up, but in reality, it only took a few minutes.

“It was literally one push. The wonderful Chatham-Kent EMS people were trying to guide me through, (saying) oh you’re going to start with the head and then the shoulders. They couldn’t even get the first sentence complete and the baby was out entirely. She shot out like a cannon,” Mr. Bonner said.

He said Claire and the baby are “doing great”, adding Mom was too exhausted to participate in the interview.

The baby was to be born in London, their hometown, but Mrs. Bonner told her husband she couldn’t make it that far after 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Bonner gives Chatham-Kent paramedics and Chatham hospital nurses a lot of credit for handling a difficult situation with such professionalism.