Work continues to bring abandoned Wheatley gas well to surface

Excavation at APEC 2 to expose the casing stub (Via Municipality of Chatham-Kent)

Officials investigating the ongoing gas leak in Wheatley say they have made some progress in bringing an abandoned well to the surface.

According to a release from the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, the casing stub of one of the two wells found in the area, identified as APEC 2, was exposed on Monday and work continues to bring the well casing to the surface.

“Bringing the abandoned well to surface level will enable the team to monitor the well which will assist with identifying future activities and mitigation options,” the municipality said in a media release.

Once that is accomplished, officials plan to conduct tests with pressurized water to determine if an underground connection exists between the two wells.

APEC 2 is approximately 50 metres away APEC 1, another well that was previously located at the scene of an explosion in August that rocked downtown Wheatley.

No gas release has taken place since November 21 however, municipal officials said they continue to expect another release soon, given the interval between past events.

A test separator and venting system remain in place connected to APEC 1 which the municipality said improves the overall safety of the area.

Exposed casing stub in Wheatley (Via Municipality of Chatham-Kent)

Exposed casing stub in Wheatley (Via Municipality of Chatham-Kent)