CK employers asked for input

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / hKuprevich

Employers in Chatham-Kent are being asked for their feedback on local workforce needs.

The Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board (CKWPB) wants to hear from all employers through a survey, whether they’re large or small.

The EmployerOne Survey is now open and asks employers about workforce challenges and successes experienced in 2021, as well as projections that may affect their workforce in 2022.

The CKWPB said the survey takes between five and 20 minutes to complete and gives employers a chance to share their thoughts and to help build a stronger local workforce.

“The survey feedback gives the ministry and local stakeholders insight into the workforce needs of employers and guides collective action to address challenges and embrace opportunities,” said Board Chair Cecily Coppola. “It is very important that we hear from local employers so we have reliable information that will help guide and develop our workforce.”

The EmployerOne Survey link is available until January 31, 2022. Click here for the survey.

The survey results will be posted on the CKWPB website in the Spring of 2022.

Chatham-Kent employers can contact the Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board at or call 519-436-3299 if they need more information or support to participate.

The demographic and economic analysis from 2020 revealed there’s an increasing demand for workers across Chatham-Kent because of a shrinking workforce. It also showed that a large share of self-employed people is decreasing. The analysis of postings per sector relative to the numbers currently working in the sector indicates that the demand is particularly tight in sales and services, natural resources, and health occupations.

The report also said businesses in Chatham-Kent are predominantly focused on retail, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and health care and that there’s an increase in the need for additional digital skills. The unemployment rate has decreased over the past 10 years and while Chatham-Kent’s population has been gradually increasing, more people are retiring or getting close to retirement. CKWPB said roughly, one-third of the population is now age 60 or over.