Anita Shovel will lead CK’s newly named snow plows

Chatham-Kent snow plow February 2, 2011. (Photo by Simon Crouch)

Darth Blader, Gordie Plow, and the Blizzard of Oz will all be clearing snow from the streets in Chatham-Kent this winter.

Those are just three of the 12 names that were chosen by local residents during Chatham-Kent’s name-a-snowplow voting contest that wrapped up on December 10.

Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff said they received more than 5,300 votes for the contest and you can find the full list of the Top 12 names below:

Anita Shovel (436 votes)

Gordie Plow (400)

Blizzard of Oz (340)

Darth Blader (271)

Pillsbury Plowboy (266)

Sled Zepplin (256)

Buzz Ice-Clear (251)

Qunuk (Inuit word for snowflake) (243)

Flurrious George (236)

School’s Not Cancelled (194)

Snobi One Kenobi (192)

Sleetwood Mac (189)

Each plow will be decorated with its new name by WINMAR Property Restoration Specialists, which is covering the costs of the program.

WINMAR Owner David Constancio said they support a lot of other causes in the community including the CK Hospice, the CK Children’s Treatment Centre, and the Canadian Cancer Society, but after he was approached about covering the cost of naming the snow plows, he thought it would be a fun thing to do for the community.

“My kids kind of got into it a bit with naming things, and it’s just one of those things that’s a neat thing for the community to get together and do,” Constancio told CK Mornings with Chris, Jen, and Matt on 94.3 CKSY on Wednesday.

The top 12 names were selected by a voting process, but a 13th plow will also named “McLeodinator” after CK Mornings host Chris McLeod, who was also recognized for championing the idea of naming the snow plows locally.

Voting is still ongoing for the “Best Light Display” contest in the municipality as part of the Light Up Chatham-Kent contest.

Residents can vote for the light display they like the best by clicking here. The top five displays with the most votes will each receive a $450 gift card from Canadian Tire.

Voting for the best light display closes on December 19, 2021.