No parade, no problem for creative Chatham neighbourhood

(© Can Stock Photo / digidreamgrafix)

A local group of residents are making the best of another year without a Santa Claus Parade in Chatham by starting one of their own.

Organizer Olivia LaChapelle said the idea of a do-it-yourself parade started around just wanting to give her kids the experience of a parade this year.

“A couple of friends and I thought it would be really fun for some of the kids to get together and parade around the neighbourhood as a Santa Claus Parade,” she said. “We were going to do it for some of our family and friends but now we have more than 30 kids and parents participating.”

Instead of wearing costumes, the kids have made their own box floats to walk around in. LaChapelle said some of the adults will dress up as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the Grinch.

“We are really just going to be walking around the neighbourhood but now we have an actual parade,” she said.

The parade is expected to start at 66 Dunvegan Drive around noon on Sunday, November 28. The parade will walk from Jasper Avenue to Bruinsma Avenue then down Hillcrest Avenue and back up Dunvegan.

“It’s about a half an hour or 40-minute walk,” said LaChapelle. “We have handed some flyers out around the neighbourhood so whoever is outside can cheer the kids along.”

If all goes as planned, LaChapelle said it could become something the parents consider doing every year.

“It’s something fun and wholesome for the kids to do,” said LaChapelle. “I am hoping this is something we can do every year.”

LaChapelle said residents who are interested are welcome to join the parade.