Walpole Island ferry running this week for American Thanksgiving

Walpole Island ferry. (Photo via Walpole Algonac Ferry Ltd)

The international ferry between Walpole Island and Algonac, Michigan has resumed temporary service after being docked for almost two years because of the pandemic.

The Walpole Island ferry will be running this week only between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., weather permitting, for the American Thanksgiving.

They will accepting debit and credit cards only.

The ferry company reminds all passengers that they are responsible for following all COVID-19 precautions and travel requirements put in place by Health Canada.

They also remind passengers that they are responsible for all trip fees, even if they are denied entry into either country and must return to their home country.

Passengers should also note that the Port on the Canadian side has been redesigned and vehicles must use Tecumseh Road to Chiefs Road North to Austin Road to get to the ferry.

Ferry users should also be aware that Transport Canada may also have other precautions and restrictions in place that may limit the amount of passengers on the ferry each trip.