Community Living Wallaceburg launches fundraiser to expand multi-sensory room

Snoezelen Room (Photo courtesy Community Living Wallaceburg)

Community Living Wallaceburg is hoping to update the organization’s Snoezelen Room and make it accessible to more residents.

A Snoezelen Room is a multi-sensory space that offers a relaxed atmosphere with soothing sounds and aromas as well as light effects, tactile experiences, and massage and vibration.

Snoezelen Room (Photo courtesy Community Living Wallaceburg)

Snoezelen Room (Photo courtesy Community Living Wallaceburg)

People of all ages can utilize the room to relax, calm down, or energize. According to Community Living Wallaceburg, it can also aid in learning and development, and improve quality of life.

“We want to make our Snoezelen space more available to our community,” explained Executive Director of Community Living Wallaceburg Deborah Hook. “We want to see this multisensory environment used by people living with dementia or a brain injury, children and young adults with attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder, patients and staff in hospitals and care facilities, members of our first-responders community, and even people working in corporate environments.”

To help make that happen, the agency has launched a fundraising campaign.

Residents and corporate sponsors are being encouraged to donate towards the Snoezelen Room expansion plans. Donations can be made by clicking here.