A Full Beaver Moon and partial lunar eclipse will illuminate the sky this month

Lunar eclipse. (Photo courtesy of Backyard Astronomer Gary Boyle)

Stargazers across Southwestern Ontario will have a ringside seat to a lunar eclipse this month.

A Full Beaver Moon will rise on Friday, November 19, and be accompanied by a near-total lunar eclipse.

Backyard Astronomer Gary Boyle says even though it is not officially a total eclipse, the lunar surface will still show darkness and some colour, typically seen in a total event.

“This one will be extra special and appear very close to a total eclipse,” said Boyle. “It’s a wonderful phenomenon to see.”

It will reach its peak illumination at 4:02 a.m. (EST) Friday morning, so be sure to look up after sunset on November 18 to catch a glimpse when it’s nearly full.

“The moon will be in the larger shadow of the earth except for a mere three per cent, leaving only the edge in sunlight,” said Boyle.

According to Boyle, it will be best viewed in western Canada however, people in Southwestern Ontario will still get a chance to enjoy it.  He said the best way to enjoy the eclipse is to get out of city. However, it can been seen by looking out of the window.

“We see about two or three eclipses throughout the year. Some are total and some are partial,” said Boyle. “It’s not rare but it is a beatiful thing to see nature in motion.”