UPDATE: Apartment buildings come together in competition to help the needy

BlackburnNews.com photo

The tenants of two apartment buildings in Chatham had some fun this week while helping a good cause along the way.

Residents of Thames Towers on Grand Avenue came together during a food drive to help the Salvation Army and Outreach for Hunger.

Organizer Jane Rivers said once everything is collected, it will fill two large activity rooms. Rivers said the Salvation Army and Outreach for Hunger need the help because their shelves are bare.

“Their shelves are almost empty and their freezer had two items in it. We’re hoping that we can at least fill a few shelves and a little bit of a freezer for them,” said Rivers.

Rivers said the food drive also helped the tenants get out of their apartments and enjoy each other’s company.

“Everybody has jumped in and helping out and excited about it. It’s such a good cause and their cupboards are bare when I talked to both of them to find out what they needed. It’s something that needs to be done more often if we can possibly do it,” she added.

The food drive started with a challenge between the buildings to see which could collect the most. Rivers said the winning building gets a trophy, but most importantly gets to feel good about helping their community.

After all of the donations were collected, the group ended up raising just shy of $5,500 in cash donations along with about 3,145 pounds of food.

Rivers is now challenging other apartment buildings to do the same.