Messages of support help to boost morale for CK hospital staff

(© Can Stock Photo Inc. / ruivalesousa)

The top hospital executive in Chatham-Kent is painting a much different picture locally than what is going on around the province when it comes to hospital protests and abusive language aimed at healthcare workers.

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance President Lori Marshall said unlike other communities in Ontario, such as Toronto, there have been no protests held outside of either the hospital in Chatham or the one in Wallaceburg. Protesters have targeted hospitals lately to voice their anger over vaccine mandates.

Marshall said the hospitals have had great support from the community throughout the entire pandemic, adding it’s helpful to get positive messages from the community.

“We have not seen that in Chatham-Kent, thankfully, and I believe this is a community where we can hold different opinions but we can stay neighbourly with one another,” said Marshall. “I do receive probably at least once a week a message from the community with thanks for what everyone is contributing here.”

Chatham-Kent Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Colby said he has stopped looking at social media because the posts are often quite extreme and unreasonable, adding he’s doing his best.

“I’m happy to report that we are improving substantially and that will be reflected in the numbers and hopefully people will take that into consideration before they start levying criticisms,” noted the doctor.

The public health unit in Windsor-Essex reported on Wednesday that its staff has experienced increased harassment over the past several weeks, including vulgar language and threats of physical violence.