Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation’s latest fundraising effort surpasses goal

The Chatham-Kent Hospice is getting a major financial boost thanks to one of its biggest fundraising events of the year.

Thursday marked the end of the Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation’s Hearts Together for CK Hospice fundraiser.

The fundraising campaign ran throughout the summer and encouraged community members to donate a day or more of hospice care for a resident and their family.

Over $123,500 was raised, surpassing the foundation’s original goal of $110,000.

“We were so pleased to announce that over $123,500 was raised to help residents and their families make the most of every day by supporting the care they need during a very difficult time,” said Event Chair Randi Bokor Caron.

Chatham-Kent Hospice is a 10-bed facility.

According to the foundation, around $110,000 a month in donations is required in order to support the operating needs of Chatham-Kent Hospice and provide individuals and their families with end-of-life support at no cost.

A virtual wrap-up event was held for the Hearts Together fundraiser. A recording of the event can be viewed on the Chatham-Kent Hospice Facebook page.