Mobile Market receives $20K boost

$20K donation for the Mobile Market. (Photo courtesy of the Prosperity Roundtable)

A $20,000 donation from Howard Mutual Insurance Company will help more families have access to fresh produce and will also support some local farmers.

The Prosperity Roundtable recently accepted the donation to support the Mobile Market.

The Mobile Market started last year with a “pay it forward” model that allowed residents to pay what they could for a produce box or donate money so that those who may be struggling can receive fresh produce for free. The concept was inspired by last year’s May 16th Miracle, where residents collected approximately 678,200 pounds of non-perishable items for food banks across Chatham-Kent.

“We are very grateful for this donation from Howard Mutual,” said Phillip Mock, project coordinator of the Prosperity Roundtable. “They, like us, understand the importance of everyone having the right to affordable, fresh, and local produce.”

The $20,000 donation will also benefit local farmers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As produce becomes more readily available during the summer months, most of the donation will be used to buy from local growers.

“We want to support the small local farmers in our community who are the backbone of Chatham-Kent,” said Heather Tulloch, community food connector for the Mobile Market. “We have built some amazing partnerships over the last [eight] months and we will continue to support local.”

Further details about the Mobile Market can be found on its website.