TV documentary to feature Mitchell’s Bay duck hunting

The crew of 'Canada in the Rough' and Robert Stanley hunt waterfowl on Lake St. Clair. December 2020. (Photo courtesy of: OutdoorSpot Media Group).

Mitchell’s Bay will be at the centre of a new a television documentary episode.

The producers of ‘Canada in the Rough’ visited the lakeside community in Chatham-Kent back in December of 2020 to shoot an episode for the show. They came looking to hunt the largest diving duck in North America, the Canvasback duck on Lake St. Clair.

“We have had Lake St. Clair duck hunting on our radar for a number of years now and this fall we finally made it happen,” said co-producer for ‘Canada in the Rough,’ Keith Beasley in a statement. “We see now first hand, the value, importance and high quality of Lake St. Clair as a valued place for migrating waterfowl and a world class hunting destination.”

Two cameramen, host Keith Beasley, and hunting guests John Ward and Al Gallagher were joined by local guide Rob Stanley to the hunting grounds. Stanley said he was honoured at the opportunity to show the crew around.

“I am proud to be able to show the world the great hunting that Lake St. Clair offers and the reason I hold this lake dear to me,” said Stanley.

Among the species shot by the crew were Bluebill, Redhead, and Canvasback ducks. The species are all known as “diver” ducks, which Lake St. Clair sees a huge migration of in November and December.

The crew got to see more of Mitchell’s Bay than just Lake St. Clair. They stayed at Parkside Cabins and dined on the famous perch dinners at Parkside Restaurant.

The visiting crew were reportedly amazed at the hunting opportunities on Lake St. Clair, with Ward saying he felt he had been to a “world class duck Mecca.”

“Lake St Clair proved to be one of the most important resting locations for migrating waterfowl this side of the Mississippi River,” he said.

‘Canada in the Rough’ airs at 8:30 a.m. on Sundays on six channels across Canada and the USA, including the Sportsman Channels, CityTV, CHAT TV, CKPG TV and CFJC TV. The episode featuring Mitchell’s Bay airs on April 11.