Chatham paralegal loses licence

Logo courtesy of Law Society of Ontario

A Chatham paralegal has had his licence revoked and has been ordered to pay $10,980 after the Law Society alleged he engaged in professional misconduct.

Recent allegations against Bradley Ian Dinning were brought before a panel of the Law Society Tribunal on March 29.

The panel determined that Dinning failed to co-operate with investigators who were looking into six separate complaints “about his conduct by failing to provide prompt and complete responses required by requests.”

The panel also determined that Dinning failed to file a compliance report within 30 days of a suspension ordered back on May 29, 2020. At that time, Dinning admitted and apologized for not responding to previous requests and cited unaddressed health concerns that attributed to problems in meeting deadlines.

The Law Society Tribunal ultimately decided to revoke Dinning’s licence to provide legal services, effective immediately. The panel also ordered that Dinning abides by the guidelines set for former paralegals whose licences were revoked and that he pay $10,980 to the Law Society by March 29, 2022.

The fee deadline can be extended if necessary but an annual two per cent interest rate will accrue until the full amount is paid.

Dinning became a licenced paralegal in 2012.