No application submitted for demolition of downtown building 

King Street West Property (Photo via Google Maps)

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent is clearing up some online rumours about the possible demolition of an old building in downtown Chatham.

On Wednesday, several social media posts began to circulate about a building known as the Taylor-Williamson block located on King Street West, near 5th Street.

The building is located directly next to the Boardwalk on the Thames apartment building and shares the same owner — development company Everlast Group Ltd.

Posts suggested that the owner was set to demolish the building in order to make way for additional parking. However, according to The Director of Building Development Services Paul Lacina, the municipality has not received an application to demolish the building. Lacina added that he is unsure how or where the information initiated from

“We’ve received no application, so until such time as we receive one, then we’ll see what the plans are,” he said.

Although the King Street West building has a long history in Chatham and historic characteristics, Lacina noted that it is not a designated or listed property on the Chatham-Kent Municipal Heritage Register. Because of this, there are no formal protections in place should the owner wish to demolish it in the future.

“If the application met the requirements of the Building Code Act, we would have to issue that permit for demolition,” Lacina explained. “The only thing I would say is whatever [Victor] Boutin does with the property, should he demolish the building, it would have to meet the zoning bylaw for the permitted uses. If the use was a parking lot, I think it would be difficult to park vehicles there based on the orientation and size.”

Blackburn News reached out to Everlast Group President Victor Boutin for comment but did not hear back as of press time.