Chatham MMA fighter ready for next battle

Chatham MMA fighter Matt Dawson. (Photo via Matt Dawson Facebook)

A Chatham Mixed Martial Arts fighter is getting ready for a big fight in Vancouver next month.

Matt Dawson is undefeated in his professional career at 2-0 and will be fighting Indroop Virk March 19, 2021 in a televised Battlefield Fight League (BFL) bout on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Fight Pass. It’s Virk’s debut as a professional fighter and BFL’s debut on UFC Fight Pass. Dawson told Blackburn News it has been difficult to properly train with the gyms closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic but added he’s motivated and will do whatever it takes to win because he’s hungry.

“I’ve been doing home workouts, but now that the gyms are open I’ve been going twice to four times a week,” said Dawson. “Cardio was a big issue because you don’t have treadmills and bikes at home if you can’t afford it but we learned to manage that at home like running on the spot, hill climbers and stuff like that.”

Dawson said Virk is a grappler but he’s used to grapplers, and although he prefers to stand up and fight, he’s not afraid to go to the ground because he has an arsenal to handle the ground attack.

“They don’t like to throw me a stand up fighter because I have too much power for the division and it will be a slopfest so they like to challenge me with grapplers. I’m pretty good on the ground myself. We’ll see what he has to bring,” Dawson added.

Dawson said this fight is a big step in his career because it’s being televised across Canada. The self-described grinder said it’s a great opportunity for him to show what he has to offer and how entertaining his style is. Dawson also hopes to meet UFC President Dana White and dreams of fighting on a big ticket one day.

“I’m hoping if I keep grinding the way I do. I’m hoping to shake his hand and he gives me a contract,” Dawson said.

Dawson thanks the Chatham and Windsor area communities for all of the support they have given him throughout his journey. The 29-year-old flyweight is nicknamed “The Pittbull” and trains out of CK Combat gym in Chatham and HTA gym in Windsor and Lakeshore.