Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser goes online

Toque and mask for the 2021 Coldest Night of the Year walk for Neightbourlink CK. (Photo by Cheryl Johnstone)

The biggest fundraiser of the year for Neighbourlink Chatham-Kent looks a little different.

The Coldest Night of the Year walk is going online because of the pandemic, and people can sign up and do the walk any time this month.

“We have an official walk day, which is February 20,” said Network Coordinator Al Baker. “People can walk the usual route, the 5 km route, which is the Terry Fox Run if they choose. But people can walk any day in February that they like.”

Baker added that everyone who raises over $150 will receive a toque.

“On the official walk day, which is February 20, I’m going to be in the parking lot of Neighbourlink, and anybody who hasn’t gotten a toque yet can drop by and just pick one up. However, I will be delivering the toques to the different team captains to distribute them to the team.”

Before the pandemic, Neighbourlink would give those in need rides to medical appointments or to the food bank. Now they spend more time delivering food and groceries to local people in need.

“Our motto is ‘connecting people in need with people who can help’ but this a weird time with COVID-19, so people aren’t getting out as much,” said Baker. “So Neighbourlink got into the food delivery business last year, and we’ve just taken off in a different direction and addresses a need in the community.”

Their goal is to raise $30,000, and at last check, they had already raised over $26,000. To sign up for the Coldest Night of the Year walk, click here.