New apartment complex gets the green light in Tilbury

Via The Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Some new affordable housing could soon be coming to the community of Tilbury.

On Monday night, Chatham-Kent Council approved a proposal to construct a four-storey apartment building at 23 Louise St.

According to the planning report, the building is set to contain 18 units and be made up of a mix of one and two bedroom units. The plan is also to offer private ownership of individual apartment units and the establishment of a condominium corporation. It is also set to include a parking lot consisting of 24 parking spaces.

The property is located south of Mill Street West between Albert Street and Lyon Street with primary access coming from Albert Street.

Council heard a deputation from an Albert Street property owner who questioned if the road was in good enough condition to support an increased traffic flow.

“The road is monitored by Chatham-Kent engineering and would be repaired overtime through lifecycle investments on an as-needed basis,” explained Planning Services Manager Ryan Jacques.

Council also heard that the project is an affordable housing commitment by the developer. West Kent Councillor Mark Authier thanked the developer for investing in the community.

“I’d like to thank them for bringing this to Tilbury,” he said. “It’s been a long time since we’ve had any condo or apartment building, so this is great.”