Practicing with a pro in Wallaceburg

(Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / dotshock)

The Wallaceburg Minor Hockey Association (WMHA) will have a hometown pro helping with its practices for a few weeks.

Edmonton Oiler Seth Griffith has decided to volunteer his time and help the little skaters while he waits for the NHL season to get started in January. Griffith said he has wanted to run a hockey camp in Wallaceburg for a few years but the regular NHL hockey season, before COVID-19, required him to leave just as the ice went in at the local arena. Griffith said he’s amazed at the skill level on the ice and added the practices bring back a lot of childhood memories.

“Usually I have to head back in early September and it just so happens the ice doesn’t go in here usually until about a week or two before I leave and it’s kind of hard to run a camp so I just figured this is a good opportunity,” Griffith said. “It’s crazy how well they’re skating already for that age and how some of the practices are run differently than when I was in Novice. It’s really technical about skating and stuff like that. There’s definitely some good hockey players out there.”

WMHA leadership said it will try to accommodate as many groups as possible by temporarily changing practice schedules. Griffith said he plans to help when his schedule allows.

“I’ll go out as much as I can. It’s based on my workouts and my on-ice sessions as well. So I’ve got to organize it to the way it fits in best,” said Griffith.

Players can also get photos and autographs.

Griffith recently signed a two-year deal with the Edmonton Oilers. The 27-year-old was selected by the Boston Bruins in the fifth round of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.