CK police briefs – Thursday, October 15, 2020

Man found hiding in woman’s basement

A 37-year-old Chatham man is finding out the hard way you can run from the law, but you can’t hide — even behind a false wall.

Chatham-Kent police said the man was released from the court at the end of March with several conditions, including one to stay at his residence at all times unless he had a medical emergency or if he was accompanied by his surety. He was also ordered not to communicate with a specific Chatham woman.

However, police said they learned early Thursday morning that the man was not obeying his house arrest and later found him hiding behind a false wall in the basement of the Chatham woman’s home.

As a result, the accused was arrested and charged with failing to comply with his release conditions. He was set to be held in custody pending a bail hearing.


Pair found together when they should have been apart

A 56-year-old Chatham man and a 57-year-old Chatham woman are both in more trouble with police after they were allegedly caught hanging out together even though they had been ordered to keep their distance.

Police said both of the accused had previously been released on conditions not to associate with each other, but officers allegedly found them in the same motel room in Chatham Wednesday night.

They were arrested, charged, and later released pending a future court date.


Chatham woman shows up at home she was banned from

A 20-year-old Chatham woman has been arrested after she allegedly showed up at a local residence that she had been ordered to stay away from.

Police said the woman was released from the court at the end of January on several conditions, one of which banned her from attending a specific residence in Chatham.

Officers said they learned that the woman attended that home Wednesday night and was banging on the door.

Police caught up with her after that and arrested her. She was charged and taken into custody pending a bail hearing.


Two arrests on warrants

Chatham-Kent police arrested two more men on Wednesday who made their wanted list.

A 33-year-old Dresden man who was wanted for threatening his neighbours and damaging one of their vehicles with a golf club was arrested Wednesday morning.

He was charged with one count of mischief and two counts of uttering threats, then released with a future court date.

In a separate case, police arrested a 62-year-old man who was wanted in connection with a fire that started in an apartment fire in Tilbury last month.

Police said the man was charged with arson while having disregard for human life and was later released with a future court date.


Tools, bike reported stolen in Chatham

CK police are investigating after someone entered an unlocked garage on Ellis Street in Chatham and took off with various tools and a bicycle.

Police said it’s believed the theft took place someitme Monday night, adding that the total value of the theft is estimated at $2,000.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Constable Donald Letourneau at or 519-436-6600 extension #87074.


Alarm triggers break and enter investigation

Police are appealing to the public for tips as they work to solve a break-in at the Tepperman’s on Grand Avenue in Chatham.

Officers said they responded to an alarm at the business shortly after 1 a.m. Thursday, adding that when they arrived, police saw that someone had smashed two glass doors, causing about $1,200 in damage.

It’s believed that whoever broke in also stole a pair of PS3 headphones worth approximately $600.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Constable Mark Smith at or 519-436-6600 extension #87162.


Chatham farm market targeted by thieves

Chatham-Kent police are also asking for tips from the public as they try to piece together a break-in at Sarah’s Farm Market on Sandys Street in Chatham.

Police said someone broke into a greenhouse there either late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning and stole various items with a combined estimated value of $800. The break-in also caused about $1,000 in damage.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Constable Grant Renders at or 519-436-6600 extension #87351.

Anonymous callers with information on any crime can also call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) and may be eligible for a cash reward.