CKHA prepared for second wave of COVID-19

COVID-19 test tube. (Photo from Pixabay)

The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance says it’s ready for the second wave of COVID-19 but it’s also reviewing its response to the first wave to make improvements.

CKHA President and CEO Lori Marshall said an After Action Review is underway to determine what worked well over the past six months and what the public wants changed heading into the fall.

“We have sufficient PPE [personal protective equipment] and it’s one of the things we include weekly in an update for our staff and physicians is the level that we’re sitting at to make sure they’re aware and that they have the confidence to continue to do their jobs and not worry about that,” Marshall said. “Many of the things we put in place during the first wave we now have muscle memory on that we’re able to move very quickly in the event there are things that are needed at either the assessment centre or the field hospital with screeners and all of those sorts of things.”

Plans for the field hospital at St. Clair College have also recently changed to allow it to remain open in case the hospital experiences an overflow of patients.

Marshall said plans to close the field hospital at the end of September recently changed.

“We’ve been able to negotiate with St. Clair College to occupy that space as we have what I will continue to call the best insurance policy in the event we end up in some area of concern,” said Marshall.

Marshall added the After Action Review includes focus groups with the leaders at the frontlines and will have some recommendations moving forward.

Hospital visitor restrictions are being slowly relaxed as well, said Marshall.