Courageous lifesavers honoured by CK police

Kevin Moore receives a police citation in Chatham for saving a suicidal man, Sept 15, 2020. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

A group of lifesavers and crime-fighting sleuths in Chatham-Kent have been recognized by police for their bravery and compassion.

Kevin Moore, 35, of Chatham saved a life when a man he tried to hang himself off a barge in Chatham. Moore was walking with his niece and nephew during their bike ride on June 4 when they saw a man attempting to take his own life. Moore is being hailed as courageous for lifting the man up on his shoulders to prevent him from being strangled by the noose.

Moore said anybody else would have done the same thing, but added that it’s “cool” to get the recognition and his niece and nephew now think he’s a bit of a hero for jumping into action.

“Obviously a very wild moment but it was also just very, very strange that I was there at that exact moment. Moments earlier I probably would have passed by,” said Moore. “My nephew is 12 so I think he did understand what was happening… But my niece didn’t really understand, so that was good.”

Moore said it all happened very fast and he’s glad he was there at the right time to help.

Paramedic Kevin Langlois and Constable Joel Rehill also received a police board commendation for saving a distressed man after he barricaded himself in a basement.

Constables Joel Rehill, Steve Donald, Josh Corbin, Rick Bertok, Branden Grellmore, Scott Nevills, Josh Rose, Curtis Conn, Douglas Littlewood, Sergeant Mike Hakr, communicators Monica Dudley, Brock Bechard, and Tabitha Jennings also received a Deputy Chief Letter of Recognition for cracking three separate break and enters. The commendations and awards were handed out at the police services board meeting on Tuesday.