CK Children’s Safety Village calls vandals ‘lowest of the low’

Photo via CK Children's Safety Village. August 10, 2020.

The Children’s Safety Village in Chatham-Kent has been dealing with vandalism all summer and wants those who are doing it to stop.

Safety Village Executive Director Barb Lovell told Blackburn News it’s very disheartening to see someone attack a charity like that in an attempt to steal items.

The Children’s Safety Village has had to cancel summer camps and events to teach children how to be safe because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but has allowed the general public to have a safe place to walk or ride bicycles. Lovell hopes the heartless, senseless vandalism and thefts will stop.

“Frustrating for sure. The Safety Village is built on donations and kindness from the community to be able to reach and teach children and saving lives in our community. So, having this vandalism done is disheartening,” said Lovell. “We’re hoping to get the message out. You know what people this is a charity. This is all donations and it’s for children. Leave it alone.”

Photo via CK Children’s Safety Village. August 10, 2020.

Lovell said the charity serves children and “only the lowest of the low” would do these disgusting acts of violence and try stealing from it. Lovell said the latest vandalism incident took place on Sunday and she is certain the police will catch the culprits.

“A lot of things have not been stolen that they were going in after. People have come up on them and stopped them in the process because this is happening in the daytime,” Lovell said.

Lovell said the Children’s Safety Village is beefing up security measures such as adding surveillance cameras at the property.