Flood warning in effect for Chatham-Kent

Strong waves in Lake Erie. (File photo courtesy of Cindy June via Facebook)

Strong gusts of wind over western Lake Erie have prompted the local conservation authority to issue a flood warning for communities near Rondeau Bay.

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA) issued the warning on Saturday afternoon stating that areas near  Shrewsbury and the bayside of Erieau could face possible flooding over Saturday evening. The statement also warned that low lying, south-facing areas near the Lake Erie shoreline as well as Lightning Cove could experience flooding throughout Sunday.

In addition to the strong winds, the LTVCA said a weather system with the potential to bring thunderstorms and heavy rain throughout the long-weekend could also cause sudden or unexpected changes to wind and wave conditions. Currently, high lake levels are making it difficult for water to drain away properly from the shorelines.

Residents should pay attention to conditions and be prepared. The conservation authority is advising people to take extra caution and avoid these areas should conditions get rough. Children and animals should also be kept away from fast-moving water.

The warning will remain in effect until August 3.