CK police briefs- Sunday, July 19, 2020

Police look for man who failed to stop

Police are searching for a man after a traffic stop gone wrong.

According to police, an officer initiated the routine stop on Dufferin Avenue in Wallaceburg.

However, the driver failed to stop when the officer turned on his sirens. The vehicle pulled off the side of the road in the distance but then fled again when police cruisers were in the area.

The man driving the vehicle was identified and he was known to police.

The investigation is ongoing. Appropriate charges will be laid once the man in located.

Weapon and bail charges

A man is facing charges after getting busted breaching his bail conditions.

It started when the man was arrested by an outside agency for outstanding warrants for failing to appear on drug charges.

He was transported to CK police headquarters.

When officers searched his property, items were allegedly found in his possession that breached conditions of a previous bail release.

The man was additionally charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and breach of release conditions.

He was eventually released with a future court date.

Arrest on warrants 

Two people were nabbed by police on outstanding warrants.

First, an officer on patrol spotted a woman who had outstanding warrants with the OPP for possession of fake money.

She was transported to the CK police station and eventually turned over to provincial police.

Afterwards, officers located a man walking on Lacroix Street in Chatham who was wanted for a current investigation of possession and use of a stolen credit card.

When police searched the man, a small quantity of drugs was allegedly found in his possession.

He was released on both stolen credit card and drug possession with a future court date.

Pickup truck stolen

Police are looking for information after a truck was stolen in Chatham.

An area farmer had parked his black 2004 Ford F150 on Winterline Road while he was harvesting wheat.

When he returned, the vehicle had been taken.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers anonymously.