Rotary funds from around the world support CKHA

Rotary donation to the CKHA Foundation. (Photo courtesy of Greg Hetherington).

A combination of local and global efforts by Rotary members will help provide much-needed protective equipment for frontline workers at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance.

The CKHA Foundation recently received a donation of $26,722, which will go toward the COVID-19 Healthcare Relief Fund.

District Governor Don “Sparky” Leonard said a total of $20,000 U.S. was raised between local Rotary clubs and the 6380 district. An additional $20,000 U.S. was made available through a global grant from Rotary International.

“That’s the cool thing about Rotary, is that we can multiply the money so much quicker when we work together,” said Leonard. “Rotary connects the world is truly a statement that I am so proud of.”

The money was then split to support various regions and programs, including the CKHA Foundation.

“It was really cool to present the cheque to the Health Alliance and allow them to spend it in a way that they feel is best to serve our community during this time period because they’re doing a wonderful job,” he said.

Leonard said they’re anticipating more donations to be made to the CKHA Foundation in the near future.

Mary Lou Crowley, president and CEO of CKHA Foundation, said so far the COVID-19 Healthcare Relief Fund has raised over $301,000.