UPDATE: Flooding hits Lighthouse Cove

Sandbags to stop flood. (Photo courtesy of © CanStockPhoto.com/ChiccoDodiFC)

With the high water in the Thames River making its way to Lighthouse Cove, and winds coming off of Lake St. Clair, the Town of Lakeshore is working to keep residents safe.

As of Friday afternoon, floodwaters have receded and all roads are passable, according to Rita Chappell, communications manager for the Town of Lakeshore.

One thousand sandbags were made available to residents at Lion’s Park Thursday night. Pickled sand has also been applied is some areas to help with traction as the temperature drops below zero. Roads will also be salted in anticipation of the snowy weather forecast for the region late Friday and into Saturday.

The public is asked to take extra caution and avoid the area as slippery banks and fast-moving cold water can be a dangerous combination. People are also being asked to keep an eye on drains in and around their property.

“As floodwaters recede, we ask that residents attempt to ensure that catch basins and other drainage works are free of debris and can function properly,” said Chappell. “Debris and other waste left behind from the flooding should be properly disposed of rather than thrown back in the river.”

Lakeshore staff and the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority are continuing to monitor the area.