Record high holiday temperatures in parts of SW Ontario

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The mild temperatures felt over the holidays will likely stick around to ring in the new year.

Environment Canada meteorologist Sherry Williams said although daytime highs in areas such as London, Chatham-Kent, and Windsor were above normal on Christmas Day, no records were broken. However, Windsor broke a record on Boxing Day with a high of 14.1 C. Williams said the previous record was 13.3 C in 2008.

London came close to breaking a Boxing Day record but didn’t quite hit the mark. Williams said the record high temperature is 10.6 C set in 2016 and Thursday’s high was 10.2 C.

Chatham-Kent reached a high of 12.3 C on Thursday, however, there is no previous data to compare whether or not a record had been broken.

Williams said although these temperatures are above normal, they’re are not unheard of, when looking back at recent years.

“In 2015 we had a lot of warm days before Christmas… the temperatures do tend to fluctuate,” she said.

Parts of southwestern Ontario are expected to stay warm a little longer as this decade comes to a close. Williams said New Year’s Eve will be a little cooler than what parts of southwestern Ontario are currently experiencing but still above normal.

“Right now, it looks like the low is going to be around -3 C for New Year’s Eve night so it’s not too bad when it comes to late December for Ontario,” said Williams. “It was a very cool first half of December and now it’s a warm latter half of December so it kind of balances out.”

It’s tough to tell when the cold winter temperatures will hit, but for now, Williams said the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 will be mild.

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