Porch Light Campaign brings out Chatham’s generous spirit

Toy donations collected for the Chatham Goodfellows 2018 No Child Without a Christmas campaign (Photo by Allanah Wills)

Local residents are continuing to show their generosity as the Chatham Goodfellows wrap up this year’s Porch Light Campaign.

The 65th annual campaign concluded on Monday with over 560 volunteers collecting enough non-perishable food to fill over 100 boxes and enough new toys to fill 70 boxes. The volunteers canvased the neighbourhoods of Chatham and also collected $43,900 in cash donations. However, the cash total is $600 less what the previous year was able to bring in.

The food and toy donations will support the Goodfellows’ “No Child Without A Christmas” campaign, while the money that was collected will be used to purchase toys and more food that will be distributed in the Goodfellows’ Christmas baskets.

Volunteers will begin packing the toys for the Christmas campaign on December 9 and then delivery is scheduled for December 17 after 5:30 p.m. Street Sales are also being conducted on December 13-14, and food packing and delivery will take place on December 18.