Chatham Goodfellows recognize volunteers ahead of annual office opening

Goodfellows awards 2019. (Photo by Amanda Thibodeau)

The Chatham Goodfellows are honouring some of their valued volunteers ahead of another season of ensuring there is “No Child Without A Christmas”.

This year, the top honours went to Chatham Towing and Linda Haskell for their years of dedicated service to the cause.

Chatham Towing was recognized with the President’s Award with officials at the local Goodfellows group thanking John and Barb Verkaik for their commitment to collecting food and toys for those in need.

“Often one might hear them say, ‘Let us know what you need’ and they sincerely mean it,” said a release from the Goodfellows. “Their example has caught on to their employees and business associates who are also anxious to be involved.”

This year’s top individual award went to Linda Haskell, who was honoured as Mrs. Goodfellow 2019.

“Our recipient lost her husband many years ago, and during the very difficult times, she relied on Chatham Goodfellows to ensure that her young children enjoyed Christmas,” said a release from the Goodfellows. “She never forgot receiving the assistance, and in appreciation of the assistance, she has continually ‘paid it forward’… More importantly, she taught her children be thankful for what they have and insisted that they also “pay it forward” for those in need.”

Other honours handed out Thursday evening included the following certificates of appreciation:

Media – Michelle Owchar (Chatham Voice), Amanda Thibodeau and Chris McLeod (Blackburn Radio).

Knitting – Annette Lozon and Agatha Sanson.

Toys Packing and Delivery – Eva Watson, Annette, Julia & Mark Sherbourne, Nicole Maine, Chad and Brandon St. Pierre.

Street Sales Campaign – Uly Bondy, John Kehoe.

Porchlight Campaign – Tracey Jones, Sue Janssens.

Food Packing and Delivery – Sara and Frank Letourneau, David Trealout, Joe Faas, and Barb Jacques.

The Chatham Goodfellows office will open Tuesday, November 12 at 9am at the Spirit and Life Centre (the former St. Joseph Auditorium) in Chatham.