Neglected dogs lead to charges

Two people from Chatham-Kent have been charged with animal cruelty offences. Oct 11, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Lambton-Kent-Huron Animal Welfare Investigations Unit)

Two people from Chatham-Kent have been charged with animal cruelty offences.

The Lambton-Kent-Huron Animal Welfare Investigations Unit said a woman from Chatham-Kent has been charged with six counts of animal cruelty following an investigation relating to two dogs in her care.

On August 8, 2019, a Humane Inspector executed a warrant with the assistance of Chatham-Kent police regarding animals in distress and the dogs were removed from the home. The inspector located a one-year-old large dog without proper shelter, food, water, or veterinary care. A five-year-old bulldog mix breed was also deemed to be in distress. Both dogs were treated by a veterinarian and were later adopted.

“Animals must be provided a suitable living environment for all their basic needs. Not providing adequate standards of care and permitting an animal to be in distress is not acceptable,” said Inspector Ryan Sparks.

A 66-year-old man from Chatham-Kent has also been charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

On September 5, 2019, a dog was removed from a property in Chatham-Kent after the inspector discovered a 13-year-old large dog with severe skin issues and a chronic ear infection. A veterinarian found the dog was underweight and had likely been suffering for years. The dog had to be put down.

“Owning an animal comes with the legal responsibility of caring for them when in need of medical attention. Permitting an animal to suffer and be in distress is absolutely not acceptable,” added Sparks.

Names will not be released until a verdict has been reached.

The public can report animal welfare concerns by calling 1-833-9ANIMAL or 519-384-3647.