New water line going in for Erieau

The Erieau welcoming sign is seen in this photo on August 24, 2014. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Residents of Erieau are getting a backup water line in case the current one goes down.

The general manager of the Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission, Tim Sunderland, gave an update on the water feed to Erieau at CKPUC board meeting on Thursday afternoon. Sunderland told Blackburn News the new alternate line along Bisnett Line and Erieau Road is to ensure Erieau residents have clean and safe drinking water if something happens to Erie Shore Drive and the water line there is compromised.

Flooding and erosion damage along the road caused some concerns for the water supply in that area during the latest State of Emergency. Municipal officials said water pressure had to be reduced to protect the line and the roadway in the event of failure, although the pressure reduction was not expected to affect drinking water quality.

Sunderland said the design to connect the two water lines at Erie Shore Drive and Erieau Road is expected to be done in the next month and construction will begin shortly afterwards. Sunderland added the new water line will be the same size as the current 12 inch one.

There is no price tag yet for the project.