Dresden Raceway shooting mystery continues

Dresden Raceway shooting investigation. May 7, 2018. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

The investigation continues into a shooting at Dresden Raceway that took place over a year ago.

Dwayne McFadden, 58, of Wallaceburg was rushed to the hospital after he was shot at the raceway the night of May 5, 2018 — but he has since returned to racing at the track.

Chatham-Kent police said Friday the shooting remains an active investigation. Investigators are still looking to speak with anyone who saw a vehicle speeding to or from the raceway, heard suspicious noise coming from the raceway, saw suspicious people roaming around Dresden that weekend or has knowledge of anything else relating to this investigation.

Raceway facilitator Gary Patterson told Blackburn News that everybody has moved on and the track is back to normal.

“There’s no apprehension around Dresden Raceway,”┬ásaid Patterson. “We have full confidence that Chatham-Kent police will take care of it and finish the investigation with us. It has not affected Dresden Raceway whatsoever.”

Patterson said he also has confidence the person responsible will be brought to justice at some point.

“The one thing about it is that it’s in the past,” he added. “Nobody is really worried about it, nobody is concerned about it and most people have forgotten about it and let it go.”

Patterson said the past two racing seasons have been business as usual.

“That’s the way it is at Dresden Raceway, it’s operating status quo and there have been no repercussions regarding that shooting for Dresden Raceway,” Patterson said.

Patterson added that people were shocked at first that the shooting happened so close to home and there were plenty of rumours going around, but all of those have been put to bed.