CK police briefs – Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Police find drugs on man loitering near Chatham high school

A 23-year-old man is spending some time in detention after he was allegedly spotted hanging around a high school in Chatham on the first day of class.

Chatham-Kent police said they were called in Tuesday morning after the man refused to leave the school property — even after school officials asked him to.

When police showed up, they also asked the man to leave the property, but he allegedly refused to, so he was arrested for trespassing.

Officers said they found some methamphetamine on the man when they were searching him and also learned that he wasn’t living at his court-appointed address.

As a result, the accused was charged with failing to comply with his release conditions and drug possession. He was taken to the courthouse pending a bail hearing.


Several charges laid during holiday weekend

Police in Chatham-Kent kept busy during the last long weekend of summer, in an effort to keep roadways and waterways safe.

As part of a roadway initiative conducted this past weekend, 103 drivers were charged with speeding and 58 drivers were slapped with a ticket for traffic-related offences. In the meantime, officers conducted 11 RIDE spot checks, in which 1,076 vehicles were stopped. Police said three drivers were charged with impaired related offences and six people were issued alcohol-related suspensions.

Out on the water, 22 vessels were checked by police but only one person was issued a ticket for a life jacket violation.


Two speakers and three cans of beer

A 39-year-old Chatham man is facing charges after allegedly attempting to get away with a five-finger discount from the Walmart store in Chatham.

Police said they were called to the store at around 3 p.m. after the man allegedly grabbed two speakers and three cans of beer and then took off on his bicycle without paying for the items.

An officer on general patrol was able to locate the man a short distance away after getting a physical description of the suspect.

He was arrested, taken into custody and charged with theft and possession of stolen property. The stolen goods were returned to Walmart and the man accused of taking them was later released with conditions and a future court date.


Charges laid after a pair of crashes

Two crashes in Chatham-Kent kept police busy Tuesday afternoon.

A 22-year-old London man is charged with failing to yield the right of way in connection with a two-vehicle crash on Davidson Road near Pollard Line.

The damages in that case are estimated at $18,000 and there is no word on injuries.

In the second case, a driver was charged with careless driving after a two-vehicle collision on St. Clair Street near McNaughton Avenue in Chatham. Police said the other driver involved in the crash was taken to the hospital for medical attention of undisclosed injuries.

The damages in the second crash are estimated at $8,000.


He was supposed to stay away

A 33-year-old man who was wanted by police has been arrested after allegedly contacting a Thamesville woman he was ordered not to communicate with.

Police said the man was released from custody last December with a probation order that included several conditions, two of which required him to stop communicating with a specific woman and to stay away from her residence.

Officers said they were called in after the man allegedly showed up at that woman’s workplace yesterday and spoke with her and then went to her residence later.

Police arrested the man at the woman’s home and charged him with two counts of breaching his probation order. Officers also learned that the man was wanted for several other offence including flight from police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, using unauthorized licence plates, breaching his probation, failing to comply with his release conditions, and failing to attend court.

After he was arrested and charged, he was taken to the courthouse pending a bail hearing.


Out past his curfew

Chatham-Kent police have caught up with a 52-year-old Chatham man who wasn’t home when they came to check in on him.

Police said the man was released from court back in July with several conditions, one of which required him to obey a daily curfew of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

When officers went to check on him early Monday morning, though, they allegedly learned that the man was not home.

Police were able to track him down Tuesday morning and arrested him. He was charged with failing to comply with his release conditions and was taken to the courthouse pending a bail hearing.