CK jeep club captures the flag for a good cause

Pass the Flag 2019. (Photo courtesy of Kristy Graves / via Facebook CK Jeep Owners Facebook page).

A local group of Jeep enthusiasts are getting ready to take part in a campaign involving other jeep clubs from across the country.

Kristy Graves, the founder of CK Jeep Owners, said the local club — which consists of approximately 145 people — will be participating in a nation-wide jeep event, Pass The Flag Across Canada 2019. Graves said the initiative basically sees different jeep clubs pass a flag from one community to the next so that the flag will make its way across Canada. Each group to receive the flag is also challenged to collect food donations for area food banks.

“It was an event started by a group in Kelowna, British Columbia and they started off in Vancouver Island, they [dipped] the flag in the ocean there and it’s coming through about 100 clubs or so,” she said, adding that the flag will also be dipped in the ocean on the East Coast. “Every club will receive the original flag with a signboard and plaque and we all add our jeep club logo to it.”

Graves said the flag is expected to arrive in Chatham on Sunday around 2:30 p.m. The local group will accept the flag from a club in Sarnia, the Lambton County Jeepers. At 3 p.m., approximately 15 Chatham-Kent club members will drive the flag to Tillsonburg to hand it off to the next group, the Cross Country Jeepers.

One reason the CK Jeep Owners club opted to participate in the event is to contribute to local food banks, but Graves said it also raises awareness of the club.

“We only started last July and members are starting to show up more and more so it’s a great way to get our name out there,” she said.

Graves said food donations made will be split between a few different food banks across Chatham-Kent, depending on how much is donated.

“We want to stuff at least one jeep full [of non-perishable food items] it’s called ‘Jam a Jeep,'” she said.

The local club will be parked in the far corner of the Chatham Walmart, near the Pawn Shop. Chatham-Kent residents are encouraged to meet club members Sunday afternoon, see the flag exchange, and donate some food items.