Man accused of attempted murder gets possession charges dropped

Chatham-Kent police at the scene of a serious incident investigation in Wallaceburg. February 26, 2019. (Photo by Greg Higgins)

The judicial load is being lightened for a Wallaceburg man currently in custody for allegedly breaking conditions of his bail release.

Michael Authier, who is also accused of shooting an 18-year-old woman earlier this year in the area of King Street and Albert Street in Wallaceburg, appeared before the court again on Wednesday. He was released on bail in March but was later arrested for breaching the conditions of his bail release.

Authier was facing dangerous driving and drug possession charges in addition to the charge of attempted murder, but the court heard on Wednesday that due to further developments in the case, the three counts related to drug possession are being withdrawn. The charges for attempted murder and dangerous driving of a motor vehicle still remain before the courts.

The accused is scheduled to appear in court on August 23, 2019 at 10 a.m. for a trial related to the dangerous driving offence.

Authier’s charges for attempted murder will make their way back into the courtroom on October 28 for a confirmation hearing before¬†a scheduled preliminary hearing.

There is currently a publication ban on any evidence presented in the case.