CK ranks within top third of Canadian communities

CK sign at the International Plowing Match site in Chatham-Kent. September 18, 2018. (Photo by Angelica Haggert)

When it comes to Canada’s best communities,┬áChatham-Kent is among the top third after being ranked 126th of 416 areas across the country.

The ranking was recently published in Maclean’s magazine’s inaugural Best Communities in Canada issue.

The magazine ranks hundreds of Canadian communities and compares them in 10 different categories, which include affordability, growth, crime, culture, weather, wealth and economy, population growth, taxes, commute, health care, and amenities.

According to the magazine’s top 25 list of best communities in Canada for 2019, the top three are all in Ontario and include Burlington, Grimsby, and Ottawa. Nearby communities such as Tecumseh and LaSalle made it into the top 20 rankings.

In terms of weather, Chatham-Kent ranked eighth-best in Canada.

The magazine issue also recognized the municipality as the 60th best community in which to to retire. This ranking is based on the property tax of 2.5 per cent of the average income and the number of family doctors in the area. In fact, access to medical care was listed as one of Chatham-Kent’s strong points, according to the magazine.

While housing prices in Chatham-Kent continue to soar as limited listing create a competitive environment, this area is still considered 63rd best in Canada for affordable real estate. The magazine ranking in this category is based on Chatham-Kent’s primary real estate being pegged at $259,647. It also listed the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment at $809. Tecumseh and LaSalle both ranked high in this category as well. Tecumseh is considered the third-best community in Canada for affordable real estate and LaSalle is ranked seventh.