Chatham's Emily Hime poses for a photo with some of the children at Maison Ke Kontan as the get ready for school. October 19, 2015. (Photo courtesy of Emily Hime via Facebook)

CK mayor to spend time behind bars for charity fundraiser

Darrin Canniff is set to be locked up for “unauthorized riding of an elephant in downtown Chatham.”

He’s being detained as part of a “jail and bail” fundraiser at Locked In Escape Room in Chatham on Friday with all the money raised going to Rise House International – an organization that houses and educates underprivileged youth and women in Haiti.

The event starts at 5 p.m. Friday, July 19 on King Street, but it is unclear when it is set to finish.

Politicians, first-responders and local entrepreneurs are all participating in the fundraiser said Emily Hime, the organization’s founder.

“We have community members that have volunteered to be locked in jail for an extended period of time and they won’t be freed until they have raised [enough money] for their bail,” she said. “Participants are allowed their cell phones in the cell. But they are only allowed their cell phone until it dies unless someone wants to get them a charger.”

All the proceeds from the generator are going toward buying a generator for the Haitian women and children who are assisted by the program.

“Right now we don’t have any water in the house. The electricity that the government gives us once in a while is not strong enough to [run water],” said Hime. “Also it’s pitch black by 6 p.m. in Haiti so all our staff, kids and people in our program are doing everything in the dark. They are eating in the dark, doing their homework in the dark and so it will assist with that.”

The event will be streamed live to Facebook on Friday.