Family of six receives the next house from Habitat for Humanity CK

Cassadi Pryor and her four neices and nephews, Kailyn, Isaiah, Brooklyn and Gavin break ground on their new home with Mayor Darrin Canniff and members from the Habitat for Humanity organization. Photo by Michael Hugall)

Since 2013, five houses have been built in Chatham-Kent by the local Habitat for Humanity, the sixth is being viewed by one woman has a “hand-up”, not a “hand-out.”

Cassadi Pryor labels herself as a proud woman. An aunt of four, she was recently selected by Habitat For Humanity Chatham-Kent to be the recipient of a newly built home on Woods Street in Chatham. A step which she said will help benefit her four nieces and nephews.

“It almost hurts to receive, instead of showing people you can do it for yourself,” said Pryor at the ground-breaking ceremony on Thursday. “I wanted something that the kids could have, and go forward with and have something they could keep.”

At the end of the day, Pryor said it’s not about her or her partner, it is about her four nieces and nephews Gavin, Isaiah, Brooklyn and┬áKailyn.

“It’s something they can invest into the future,” said Pryor. “It’s going to be a place where their dreams have a place to go and their nightmares aren’t allowed.”

Habitat houses have been built across the municipality including Pain Court, Wallaceburg, and Blenheim. With continued support for building houses in the municipality, Nancy McDowell, the executive director of Habitat for Humanity, said the organization is giving back a feeling of strength to families.

“Affordable housing is a growing problem in Chatham-Kent,” said McDowell. ” I believe the list is over 350 families and rising… as we house these families we are easing that pressure on the social housing system.”

This will be the sixth home built by the organization and the second time a home will be put up in Chatham.

As of now, Habitat for Humanity CK is only capable of building one home per year, but McDowell said over the next couple years the organization is aiming to have the capacity to do more.

Pryor, her partner and the four children should receive the keys to their new home by November.