Donation made by Riverview Gaming. (Photo courtesy of the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit).

Nutrition program for students gets financial boost

Nutrition programs at schools across Chatham-Kent are getting some extra support to make sure kids do not go hungry during the day.

Kevin Fox, owner and general manager of Riverview Gaming Centre, recently donated $1,500, which will go toward the initiative.

Allan Davies, a student nutrition coordinator with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, said Riverview Gaming Centre is no stranger when it comes to helping out the program.

“[This donation] helps us fill the gap between what the schools are able to receive as a grant from the [Ministry of Education] and the actual cost of serving the food,” said Davies. “It allows the schools to buy the necessary equipment they need to run their programs.”

Money donated towards the nutrition program will be used to buy grocery cards for different schools or equipment, like a dishwasher, for example.

“We’re going to do a needs assessment as to where the schools are to finish the year off, given that there’s only a couple of weeks left,” he said. “In preparing for next year, there are purchases that can be made over the summer… The bulk of it will be seen as beneficial in September and on through Christmas until the cards are gone.”

Davies said these nutrition programs help many students under all school boards in Chatham-Kent. He also mentioned that the program would not still be running if not for the support from the community.