Ford issues four safety recalls, one for Canada-only file photo.

Ford Motor Company is issuing four new safety recalls for thousands of vehicles that are spread out across North America.

The largest of the four recalls mostly covers vehicles in the United States.

Select 2011-2017 Ford Explorers are being recalled over suspension concerns related to the rear toe link. The automaker said vehicles that frequently ride over rough terrain could experience a fracture in the toe link, which “significantly diminishes steering control, increasing the risk of a crash.”

One customer reported hitting a curb when the toe link broke, but Ford said it is not aware of any reports of injury related to the issue. The Ford Explorer recall affects approximately 1.2 million vehicles in the United States and another 28,000 in Canada — the affected vehicles were built at the Chicago Assembly Plant.

The second recall — for select 2013 Ford F-150 vehicles equipped with 5.0-litre and 6.2-litre gasoline engines — affects approximately 15,200 vehicles in Canada and another 107,850 in the United States.

Ford said these vehicles were previously recalled for a powertrain control module software issue, adding there is a risk that the vehicle could unintentionally downshift to first gear due to an intermittent output speed sensor failure. The downshifting could result in loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash.

The automaker is not aware of any reports of accidents or injuries related to the issue — the affected vehicles were built at the Dearborn Assembly Plant and the Kansas City Assembly Plant.

The third recall is only being issued in Canada and affects approximately 12,000 vehicles.

Select 2010-2017 Ford Taurus, 2009-2017 Ford Flex, 2009-2015 Lincoln MKS, and 2010-2017 Lincoln MKT vehicles are all being recalled because some of those vehicles may experience an issue with the suspension toe link similar to the Ford Explorer recall. Ford said it is aware of one report of a crash¬†related to the issue that resulted in minor injuries — the affected vehicles were built at the Chicago Assembly Plant and the Oakville Assembly Plant.

The fourth recall affects select 2009-2016 Ford Econoline vehicles equipped with a 5R110W transmission, 5.4-liter engine, and a school bus or ambulance prep package.

The recall affects approximately 4,300 vehicles in North America, including 445 in Canada — they were all built at the Ohio Assembly Plant. The concerns, in this case, are with a weld in the clutch that could fail and prevent them from moving.¬†Ford said it is unaware of any accidents resulting from the issue.

Anyone affected by any of the above-listed recalls should take their vehicle into a dealer for repairs.