Police urge residents to beef up their property protection

Chatham-Kent Police Chief Gary Conn. May 11, 2016. (Photo courtesy of Design39Media)

If you’re still doing some spring cleaning this weekend, it might be a good time to make sure your home is also protected against property crimes.

Chatham-Kent police chief Gary Conn calls those crimes — including break-ins, thefts, and vandalism — the community’s nemesis.

“With the nicer weather upon us, a lot of people are going to leave windows open and that,” said Conn. “I would suggest you visit our website — we have something called ‘Break & Enter Smarts’ and it has a lot of educational tips for how to target-harden your property.”

Some of the suggestions from police include installing an alarm system, using optical viewers or “peep-holes” on your front door, putting guard plates on your doors, and improving the lighting around your property.

You can find more tips by clicking here.

Conn says the number of break-ins in Chatham-Kent appears to be down at the moment, but he’s still urging residents to make sure they are doing their part to prevent property crimes.